Please fill out this google form so we know when to expect you!


Arrival Friday anytime after 5pm *unless you contact me earlier with a special request
Checkout time Sunday noon
Check in with me at the Lodge (the green camp masters house) instead of in the parking lot (because it’s cold out!) If you do not find me at the lodge, please hit me up on discord! My phone will be with me at all times!


Sunday afternoon Dave has volunteered to serve some hot dogs and burgers for lunch.
Sunday night we will be having meatball subs and pizzas.
All other meals are on your own
Drinks will be provided.

Work Plans

Depending on the number of volunteers we get, this could be a very adventurous list. We will be tackling what we can with the group that arrives, and with the weather we are given, and the rest will be taken care of at a later time.

  • Knockdown and remove debris from swing set.
    • [Sledgehammers, pry bars, trucks for moving refuse]
  • Dump runs
    • [Open from 8am – 4pm Saturday only]
  • Shore clean up (flagpole, land bridge, beach, far tent site)
    • [Loppers, wheel barrels, possibly axes]
  • Rebuild fire pits (lean-to, amphitheater)
    • [shovels, potentially heavy lifting]
  • Wood collecting (from downed trees)
    • [work gloves, truck/wheel barrels for moving logs]
  • Wood chopping (from collected downed trees)
    • [axes, experience using wood splitters]
  • Cut down dead trees (marked in blue)
    • [axes]
  • New fire pit – far campsite
    • [shovels, rocks]
  • Pequonik – remove beds, repair wall, remove plastic, repair roof
    • [heavy lifting, power tool knowledge, roof repair]
  • Rebuild picnic tables.
    • [basic tool knowledge, power tool knowledge]
  • Knock down two latrines
    • [sledgehammers, protective gear, gloves]
  • Raking/Path clearing
    • [rakes, leaf blower] – no snow
  • Kitchen Cleaning Project
    • [mop, scrubbing, organizing, moving large tables/items]
  • Spackle walls in multi
    • [spackle tools and materials]
  • Trash (fields, along road)
  • Fix bridge on pond path
    • [heavy lifting, light powertool work]
  • Cabin clean up
    • [Sweep out cabins, Remove all bedding with any holes for disposal]
  • Two Story: Set up shelving unit, remove/move tables
  • Possible tree stump removal, timing and tools allowed